Third Party Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturing

Medrix Labs is an eminent and reputed pharma company of the medical market which is providing in third party manufacturing service. The company provides the finest and productive quality of the medicines which are formulated under the GMP and WHO standards. Everything at our company is administered legally and professionally which makes us perfect for business in the sector. During the business, we remain versatile and reactive to the demands of the clients with the changing trends and demands of the industry.

To enroll in the list of the top third party pharma manufacturing companies our complete focus is on third party pharma manufacturing services. The company makes use of innovative machinery for the manufacturing of the drugs as the company's main focus is on the quality of the product and customer-driven. Our incentive is to provide flawless quality, valuable and accessible medicines to our customers. Our team supports the quality procedures at every stage for testing.

Type of Product Range Formulates by Medrix Labs

Medrix Labs presents a wide collection to its third party Pharma manufacturers of Pharmaceutical products. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable manpower fabricates highly effective medicines by following international standards.

  • Injections, Eye drops, Syrups, Dry Syrups, Tablets, ointments, etc. all need some type of coating of the film during the granulation of the medicines.
  • Pediatric Drops, Soft-gel, Dental Range, Dusting Powder, etc. are also produced with regular testing of the product during the process of the formulation
  • The company also manufactures ODT technology products

Services included in our Third party Pharma manufacturing Facility

The best and well known Pharma Company, Medrix Labs provides contract manufacturing services to everyone. Medrix Labs has earned the trust of its customers by providing them the best quality in the products. The points which the company best for the third party pharma manufacturing are:

      Our manpower manages quality control with the help of doing regular testing and clinical trials on the products
      Helps in fabricating the outline of the logo along with the brand name
      Supervising in picking the design of the wrap for the drug and purchasing of the material
      Creating fresh and unconventional granules.
      The marketing team helps the company to deliver the products within the minimum time frame. As the first time delivery of the product executes in 40-45 days

The work of the company is not to supply the manufacturing pharma products but also to provide the best facilities to our business partners. We are the prominent pharma manufacturing who focuses on catering the exclusive services.

Our 100% Quality Assurance and certifications

Medrix Labs provide the top of the lines manufacturing services which makes the company enroll in the list of third party pharma manufacturing. The company is linked with developed pieces of equipment of the technology and machinery for the process of the manufacturing of the product. The state of the art manufacturing is licensed with WHO and GMP and ISO certifications. Along with this, our production place has the following amenities:

  • We have vast and spacious warehouse in excise free zones to do the other activities of the manufacturing of the drugs
  • Quality control Lab and Analytical testing along with R&D manufacturing facilities
  • Licenses (includes Schedule I-V)
  • DEA Licenses (Manufacturing, Import, Export & Wholesale)
  • State licenses (Manufacturing and Wholesale)
  • FDA Registration

Benefits of Opting the Third Party Manufacturing

It is not deniable that the Pharmaceutical third party Pharma manufacturing is a growing sector. In the last few decades, third party pharma manufacturing has come into the sight of the people as one of the most reliable and profitable sources to cut the price of expenditure for small and moderate scale pharma companies. We have marked some points about how it is beneficial for the people:

All the products are approved after the trial of the Research and development or quality control team

The marketing regularly optimizes the deadlines of the delivery and monitor every process frequently to reduce the hindrance for the clients

It also empowers the customer to focus on the main sector i.e. research and marketing

Committed supply of flawless products helps in growing the net incomes and it also improves the cash flow through the approved processes.

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