About Us

Medrix Labs is trusted by the healthcare professionals for its rich quality Pharma products. Our Company believes in using modern technology and applying all the working and modern methods towards the production of our medications. These are thoroughly formulated by using excipients and chemicals that are affluent in quality. Since commencements, we aimed to contribute heavily into the Pharmaceutical industry of India and give our contribution to the welfare of human health.

We feel responsible to improve the health status and change the direction towards which India is currently headed. With our Pharma Franchise Business, we are looking to make a considerable impact on the Pharma Market. We are targeting young entrepreneurs to help us raise awareness about the need for effective medicines. We know that our PCD Pharma Franchise Company is going to have a major impression on the quickly industrializing because:

  • We have separate manufacturing units for our Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines and another for the Allopathic medicines.
  • Our workspace is a place free from contamination and infestation.
  • We take pride in making the use of the best ingredients and the latest technology for the manufacture of our products.
  • Our workforce is focused on producing the best quality medicines as per the demand of the people.
  • The packaging of our products is impeccably airtight and leakage proof.

Vision and Mission of Medrix Labs

At, Medrix Labs we innovate to make life healthier. It has been our vision from the very beginning and we hold true to it. Right from the breakthrough products and new discoveries to the business partnership, we commit to the quality, safe, and affordable healthcare for everyone because every life is important for us. We are focused towards becoming India’s leading pharmaceutical company and significant player in the global market as well. This will be done with quality and innovative solutions in medicine. Our Mission includes:

  • Discovery, development and successful marketing for of products in order to alleviate and cure diseases
  • We aim to provide total customer satisfaction and emerge as a leading company in the market.
  • On the bases of world-class research and development, we shall achieve excellence
  • We shall include high ethical standards in our practices and be a good cooperate citizen. This is our responsibility towards society.

Become our Associate Partner

We believe ‘the best collaboration create something BIGGER ‘. Thus, we work create a long lasting relationship with our associates which comprises of mutual

  • benefits for both parties. We want our business associates to be our partner in growth by embracing the benefits of cooperation with one another.

    • We find a way to gain profit for both parties.
    • The Company keeps all line of transparent commutation open
    • We exceed expectation in terms of quality, opportunity and innovation
    • The Company sustain great customer service which makes it easy for clients
  • Our Core Strength

    • A management team with the strong will and rich experience in pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing. Pioneer in delivering the quality and innovation


      Our large product portfolios are consisting of pain and Inflammation, Paediatric Care, Anti-infectives, Respiratory Care, Gastrointestinal Care, Haemostatics, etc.

    • Excellent presence of marketing team PAN India

      Regular communication with trade and medical fraternities

    • Wide distribution chain throughout the country

      Good transport corporations tie-ups for better and easy reach

      Capable consignee agents, stockiest, and distributors in every state of operation

    Customer Statisfaction with Transparency

    • Here at Medrix Labs, we have procured a wide range of medicines for catering to all the needs of our customers. Our consumers’ satisfaction is our foremost priority along with preserving the quality of our products. .
    • We are the number one in producing medicines in all ranges for improving the health conditions of the people. Therefore, we have the recommendations of numerous doctors.
    • There is a separate customer cell at our premises, working for 24x7 to serve the best to our customers as per their needs and requirements.
    • What means the most to us is the trust of our customers, therefore we aim on the purity of our products to gain a loyal customer base.
    • The care we provide to our customers with our impeccable services of 24-hour functional telephone lines and thus are always happy to provide them our assistance.
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